Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Progress of the subconscious

How do certain people progress, evolve per say. Then others stay completely the same? Why do some question and other are completely content?

The issue of religion has often brought me to this question. Why did God if he exists, make it easier for some to believe than others? I being of scientific and inquisitive mind will always have a harder time believing than the more simple minded person. Those who do not by nature require explanation and proof.

The subconscious mind is thought to be responsible for the underlying thought reflected in our everyday reactions, decision making and emotions. The ability to change what lies in your subconscious, or at times to even acknowledge the very existence of it, are feats beyond most people's grasp.

How do random scientific processes explain why some evolve and grow and others remain unchanged? Is it the presence of challenge, adversity? Do we as humans only grow under terms of pressure or crisis?

Is there a scientific explanation for IQ? IQ is the measurement of your ability to learn, not what you know or are capable to learn. It is meant to actually measure the relation to others of your age range your cognitive ability. Basically how efficiently your brain performs in relation to others your age.

Subconscious can be defined as an accounting of events and aspects of events which we are not directly aware of. IQ is how effectively our brain processes functions. So how do the functions relate to one another? Are there any direct relations between IQ and subconscious health. Does genius really make you crazy? Does having an analytical nature eventually overpower your ability to function in society?

Again, questions, many will always remain unanswered, but still they are there. Anyone know where questions like this come from?

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