Thursday, December 01, 2005


How many of you have made a conscience sacrifice in return for something which in your opinion was worth it?

How did you determine the worth of the sacrifice in relation to the reward? Would you sacrifice if the reward was dependant on someone else providing the reward or only if only involved yourself?

I always wonder how thoroughly people think through the reward vs sacrifice ratio before making a decision to give something up. There are those choices that are easier to change before made than after, especially when someone other than yourself is involved.

The seed is which this thought has grown is personal freedom. I have been trying to figure out how far down the line do people really look, when making a decision to hand personal freedoms over to the government. Do people look beyond the immediate future into the long term and what those rights in the government hands can mean for their lives later? Do people really know what they are giving up?

I can understand people being scared into compromising from fear and the longing for a feeling of security. Have people really lost their ability to look past today and see the results of the decisions we make today on the future of tomorrow?

It seems to be an inevitable process that the youth of today will be undoing the mistake made in the past?

Which brings me to if we could see the results on the future would we still make the same choices? Are the choices we make based on logic or emotion? Do we change what we thought or did we not think it through?

I hope to be able to enlighten, but not bring indecisiveness. For almost worse than making a bad decision is not making one at all. I would rather see people vote for the poor candidate than not to vote at all. Don't let things be handed to you, be sure to do all you can to have a voice.

Summary: Have an opinion, use it wisely.

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