Saturday, November 26, 2005

Black Friday

Well after awakening my girls at midnight and driving to our local Circuit City. We arrived to our first wait in line in the wee hours of the morning on the day after Thanksgiving experience. Arrival time 12:10 am November 26th, store opens 5am. I thought we would be among the first few to get there, WRONG. When I got there 40 people were already camped in front of the store, but at this point we were there and why not?

I want to first share this above all else, my experience was great, people were kind and very helpful, the people surrounding me in the line, made this experience fun. Somebody moved from the spots right in front of the store to let me park there so the girls could sleep in that car while I waited, so they were like 10 feet from me, that was great. I had brought extra chairs which I shared with everyone. People made runs to 7-11 for coffee and the such. It was a great environment. Come 4:45 when they came out and started passing out vouchers for the big ticket items, it was not as fun, I did not get the laptop I sat out all night for.

I can say though that even as I pulled away from the store at 4:50 am, it was not a waste of time. I got a great night talking with people I didn't know, experienced a buzz of holiday shopping, and really got a reminder that not everyone is just out for themselves. All in all a great night, a fun experience and one I might do again, if Peet was home, and they girls could stay in bed.

The utter ability of people to show kindness and compassion made the trip the experience it was, I could not have left in better mood. Had it been hostile and I got the laptop, or worse hostile and I didn't, I would have not ever wanted to do this again.

I do have to say though the Walmart down the street made CNN for the utter chaos and violence shoppers experienced there the same morning.

I am glad I was part of the group I was, and got to see a few hours where humanity shined.

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