Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I recently attended my 10 year high school reunion. It went almost exactly as I thought it would. I was bored off my butt.

People were surprisingly not that different to me, most looked the same. Some aged more than others. For the most part, people had progressed in fairly predictable manner. Nobody was wildly successful, nor tremendous failure. Everyone sort of kept going the same way they did 10 years ago.

One thing that did surprise me, was people who were interested in my life, and knew so much about it. I wouldn't of thought it at all. I was fairly distant in high school, outside my close group of my friends, I did not feel the need to extend. I got along with everyone, just didn't know a lot lot about them.

There was also some rearranging. People who were never together in High School spent the entire night talking, and those that couldn't be separated previously didn't say 2 words to one another. In all it was obvious 10 years had changed things for some people.

Overall, it was a blah event. Nothing too exciting. Was fun to actually get to drink with all my highschool classmates, while not barred up in some ones house or freezing at the beach, which we frequented( more on that later).

I am not sure all in all, if the event was so bad, of if just didn't feel right without Peet there. I twas also his last night state side, so I had my last conversation with him where he wasn't shoulder to shoulder with other guys over the raor of my drunken classmates.

It also was so hard because we met in highschool. Have been together since our junior year, and everyone knew it. So all night was "Where's Peet?" " Stay strong" " I am so sorry to hear that" and the all time overwhelming bummer of the evening, heard over and over, " I don't know how you do it, I'd be a mess"

While I know it was all well enteded, it made it all the harder. I also knew I was driving over to the beach following the reunion so I had to stop drinking way before everyon else, and anybody who has been the dedicated river knows. It sucks to be the sober one when everyone is still drinking. They can get annoying.

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