Friday, December 07, 2012

Music and writing a book?

Those who know me well know I have a very very long memory. I don't forget a lot of things. One thing that is strange to me that I totally love is I can sit down listen to random shuffle from my music library and it is like a time machine. I see people, locations, I remember the feelings sometimes even smells.

Most of the people in my life has some sort of theme song to me, a song I hear that I can't help but think of them. Certain songs bring memories up so fast, it can be shocking. I love having a long memory, I get to keep so many wonderful things so close to the surface of my mind whenever I want to.

Then I started thinking, I know I take that for granted, how incredibly long my memory is, and let's face it I am not getting any younger, right? I won't always be able to pull something from 25-30 years ago in a seconds time.

I have also been incredibly lucky in life, At least I think so. I have been on some grand adventures, and come through relatively unscathed. I have tried things and gone through things and been through some stuff. Like I am sure most of you don't know another person who has had an average of  1.17 jobs and moves an average of every 8.5 months for every year they have been alive.

I love my memories and a lot of them are actually really good stories to share... so that got me thinking. i should finally start writing that book I have been told I should write a million times. I guess I never saw a really good reason, but age has created one for me.

I started my outline yesterday and was working on some title ideas. I am planning on writing it in a collection of short stories kind of way. Each chapter will be stories grouped together by a common theme, like cast or characters, major events, schools jobs, etc. Still working that out in my mind.

But I could use a little help, what events did you experience with me that you think are book worthy?

One pitfall of a super long memory is the filtering process, the sorting. I have a pretty good system of context. If I am trying to remember a particular time, I figure out what school I went to, where I lived, where I worked by dates and it helps create my then current cast and then events with them fall in after that, songs and pictures from that time after. I can go step further by looking up pop culture from that time, it adds more details and stories. So how do you pick and choose or combine to get all the best of everything, what do you leave out?

Friday, September 07, 2012

Wow it's been a long time!

Allowing 6 years to pass since my last real blog writing, has created an overload of things I want to experience again and explore for myself while sharing that monologue with whomever is reading. I want to be open for whatever you value to share with me and strong enough to make necessary changes. I am not getting any younger and I have collected so much information, it is time to sort it out and make the best use of it to inspire the best version of me; to be the most present version of me.

 We all have multiples side;, stress, fatigue, patience and many, many other factors effect how we treat each other and the things around us. The best version of ourselves is one we are very proud of, not in any sort of smug, boastful way, just really the best of each our our assets displayed all at once time. The "BEST" you.

 Then we have the good me, which few areas of our selves are not displayed with the best level. It continues until we reach the version of ourselves that has only the worst aspect of each asset displayed all at one time.The "WORST" you.

 I want to start moving areas that are closer to "WORST" back towards "BEST", so that I can be more proud of the person I am displaying.

You may wonder, where is this coming from? Why today??

I have heard things lately and in the recent past, that have all started coming together in my head that have culminated unto the moment we are now sharing.

 Today I was told I was not a good role model for my daughters in various aspects. That means something to me. I want to be better than that.

This week I spoke with a wonderful friend about the difficulty in being truly honest.

 Last Sunday, I heard a talk about purpose and are we serving our purpose? I can't really say I am, and I need to change that.

A few months ago, I was told I was not learning from my mistakes by a colleague. I have experienced a lot in the last 6 years, it is time to sort through it find what I did right and wrong, and use that information to move towards the "BEST" me.

 I welcome you to join me on my journey, I am going to try and write often and ask for feedback and help, share if you feel motivated. Had something you always wanted to tell me, ask me, or ask of me, please do.

 I am going somewhere, not quite sure where, but it is time to take the first step and follow it through to where ever it goes. Help keep me on track.