Saturday, March 25, 2006

Power of the Human Spirit

Spirit is one of those words that is used in multiple ways. I refer to spirit as the life force within each one of us that represents our ability to thrive and our connection to each other and the world around us.

Some people are gentle spirits, there are the wise spirits. Those that are giving and the brave and strong spirits.

I don't know if I truly believe in some cosmic forces contained within the flesh of our human forms, in some Sci-Fi manor, but I do believe that the series of emotional events and personal growth in reaction to those experience and your interactions in everyday life, create in each one of us something that is unique.

You as a person contain your own set of emotions, intellect, logic, and morals that together combine to create your personality and your character. I believe that the combination of all these things is your spirit.

On a more basic level, to put it as simply as possible, if were all blind, your spirit is what would still show. Your physical appearance gone, mannerisms gone.

I think people on many levels have given up on the power of the human spirit, that we live in a time where we only truly appreciate it in times of crisis.

On a normal day to day basis, we feel no need as a species to feed the spirits of the those around us, to nurture our own spirits or to acknowledge the spirit of people who might seem inconsequential in our lives.

An unattended spirit will wither and die, but that those acknowledge their spirit, can accept that things beyond the physicality of themselves need to be maintained as well, will thrive in live. They will be able to handle the disasters that can happen everyday. They will live life to it's fullest absorbing and growing with each passing day.

I know it sounds a little metaphysical for some of you out there, but you can not deny what I am speaking of, even if I am putting it in terms you find uncomfortable, there is something inside us, a bond between us as humans, something that keeps us fighting to live each day to see the next.

Self Acceptance

The internal battle of managing self image versus perceived image can be constant. For me it has been something that has plagued me a major portion of my life.

I have had times that were better than others, and times that were definitely worse. In the more recent months and through the process of self discovery I have tried to pin point what was a factor in changing the times that were good, why did they stop, and how did I get out of the times that were bad.

More often than not, I can track it to my level of self importance at the time. I tend to very giving in nature, and will without a thought sacrifice to do everything I can to help someone if they need it. While this is not something bad, nor would I ever have to give up that ability, I have had to learn to accept that I have to be as willing to help myself as I am other people.

When I take away the world from my picture, stop letting outside forces tell me what I am worth and what importance I have, I have to look inward for that. When faced with the inward reflection, it is clear to see what I do and don't like and that only I can change it or accept it.

Lately I have truly been trying to conquer my doubts in myself. I have always been a logical person, so I rationalize them to death, but the ability to combine the logic to the emotional side of it is much easier said than done in some cases. I have always known what is true, but accepting it has been another story.

I think I am starting to take a hold on some of my doubts and fears in myself. I know that my level of self acceptance is on the rise. My self confidence is growing and starting to reflect that strong individual I truly am. I am trying to make the way I think reflect into the way I feel and the way I live.

I hope that I am not just winning the battle, but truly winning the war. To put this issue to rest would be a blessing of tremendous proportions.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Simple truths

" The opposite of war is not peace, it's creation..."

Ever hear such a simple phrase in your life that can totally change your perspective?

Upon hearing this, I could not believe how true it felt. Sometimes one sentence can open your mind to a whole new level of understanding.

I am always grateful, for things that help me remember that life is a continuous learning process. That anywhere at anytime, we have the opportunity to learn and grow.

Be sure you are available to the world around you.

" Live your life with arms wide open...."

Idea forming in my head

They say the most successful ventures in life, spring from those things which you are naturally good at, those things which require little effort.

I have been told by a few people lately, that I have a knack, actually 2 and that I should try to combine them. While I do think the idea is viable, I am not sure.

While part of me, wants to jump right in, another parts has a fear of the embarrassment of failure or rejection.

Most people would be shocked to hear such a thing from me, I have had a hard time admitting it to myself. This venture would be very personal though, I would exposing a true part of me, and should it not succeed would be blow to me as a person, not just a business idea.

I know I have it in me, I fear not having the backing and support of those close to me, I would hate for the ones I care about to think of it as a joke, when should I pursue it, I would be very serious.

Well I am just going to have to find the spirit in me and the encouragement I pass to others. I will talk myself into it, it will just take a major leap of faith on my part.