Monday, March 07, 2016

Daring Greatly: Personal Manifesto

Just finished up Daring Greatly class with Brene Brown, I would recommend to anyone. Last exercise was to make a personal manifesto to remind myself of who I am and how I want to make a difference.

I have always held what you write down as a commitment, so this was harder to do for me than I anticipated.So easy to fall into "wants to" or "will try" to write so many active statements really does take a mental adjustment. To me they are still wants or goals, the activity of writing them in the present as if I am there already does truly have an impact.

Sharing is part of the goals I have for myself, I have experienced many things, good and bad. Had to takes leaps of faith and did some reckless base jumping, so I have learned some lessons. Way more than even I have realized, as they still happen every day :)

I am putting this put into the universe to make clear what I want and desire from myself. It also allows me to share a window into my soul and an invitation to engage when you need an ear, to ask my about something you know I have been through/done and to BEG for you to call me on my shit when I am being untrue.

Without further ado, my personal manifesto:

I am a woman with a big heart and a passion for people. 
The values that guide me in my effort to show up and be seen are generosity and courage. 
I own my story and use it as a point of connection for those I want to serve. 
I love myself by accepting my own imperfections as the stepping stones on my journey that they are. 
I know that I am enough and I am loved. 
I dare greatly by opening my heart and dropping the walls that make things safe. 
I am on this planet to grow through challenging myself and truly connecting with others. 
In my heart of hearts, I know there is nothing I can't do. 
I stand for not only daring to dream, but having the balls to take action.