Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

I am really scared for all those that are facing Hurricane Katrina. Being the 1st Category 5 hurricane to be making landfall since Hurricane Andrew, we can only fear the damage that will be left behind.

The cities population of 485,000 were order to evacuate the below level sea area and head to higher ground. New Orleans is a bowl shaped dip into the earth, surrounded by a river, a lake and an ocean. The barricades built to hold back the water from the constant sources will not provided protection from the 28 foot storm surge that is expected. The city relies on pumps to help drain the area from normal wet weather, the thought of power loss on top of already overworked pumps is not setting the city of to hold strong.

Many of the areas residents were able to head to higher ground, and Thank God. But the city is not empty, there are those with nowhere to go, the stranded travels that have no where to go. They are settling in for a long evening preparing for the reality that sunrise is scheduled to bring.

The worst of the storms I have seen, were closer and wound down as they came. Charley was 1st and hit hardest, then Frances and Ivan. Within 6 weeks or so, I had experienced my first 3 hurricanes. And now I am afraid and I am not even in it's path.

I am afraid for a city that has fought to preserve it's history, and the damage to the people and community that will be caused.

I am afraid for the travelers who are not prepared to be apart of natures fury. New Orleans has a small road over the lake to get in and out, once the flooding starts, they will be cut off from supplies, until other means are found to get them in.

I am scared because my husband who has been recalled by the Army, against all wishes of all who know him, it in Hattiesburg, MS which is in the direct path of this storm. Not only do I fear for his safety and of the other soldiers with him. I fear the duty he will be called to in efforts to restore the area he is residing in and around.

I am a strong person, but once with a large heart. The tragedy that will surround this area for a long time, will be a hard sight to bear.

To all those in this storms path, you have all my hope, my love and strength behind you. Stay calm, think clear, love yourself and those around you and you will survive and help those around you survive.

To all those that will be a part of the eminent relieve effort, bless you. I wish I could offer more assistance than my love and thoughts of serenity are with you, but with 3 small children their needs have to come first. We will find a way to support those in need and those in relief efforts as best we can. In troubling times, we grow, and become the people we need to be.

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