Saturday, August 27, 2005

No more Cherokee???

I just read here that the Mascot of my High School was banned in 2001, and the other day I reead here that the local college had it's name banned from NCAA.

Come on people can we just all try to RELAX, do we think we have caused enough pandemonium about the names? Was it the all the sudden commotion about Indians being used in logos and team names?

The NCAA had to reverse it's decision because the tribe to which the school mascot is named supports the uses. The logo and name are used a celebration and respect of the valuable relationship that was created in the local area. A far cry from how it is presented to be part of the NCAA hostile list.

I am going to say this very slowly... and very clearly... so there is no confusion... People are different races,

!!! OH MY GOD!!! Did she say what I think she said????

Why do we all get in such a huff, about acknowledging the fact that we are different races, and cultures? Why is that bad? We push such a conformist nation, that now even acknowledging different races is HOSTILE????

You have got to god damn kidding me.

Why is being different a problem, yes we are different who cares? I can point out that my mixed ethic kids are from different racial backgrounds and talk about my daughters nappy hair, with out saying it's bad, it is just different than mine.

We are trying to act like Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple are all the same color. Can't we just admit the rainbow had different colors and that we like it because it does?

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