Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Fact of Fiction???

I am an infamous sufferer from time lapse syndrome. I will start something and be really into it, then it fades away, to be rekindled randomly, so here we are. I have been distracted and have not blogged, but I am back, with yet another quandary.

I have often been called an intelligent person, I hold myself to be a good study of life due to analytical nature. I have always had a slight discrepancy in my person beliefs when it comes to the supernatural you might say.

Logic tells me that to believe in most supernatural means to admit a belief in some sort of life after death. I am not quite sure in my mind what I believe happens after death. I never been a religious person having studied so many of them in great detail I believe that they are all human attempts to explain that which we do not know. A close friend share this point of view with me and it made so much sense, was amazed I had never come to this conclusion before. It ran right in hand with my opinion that with the growth of society and the knowledged gained religions changed, that they were just interpretation of man's mind at the time.

While saying I am not religious, please do not take this mean I am not spiritual at all. I believe in the human spirit, that there is something within all of us that can be nourished or neglected, and that the way we treat our spirit and the spirits of others, greatly influences the outcome of our lives.

Weather or not I would be able to really say we have spiritual being which could be separated from our body or if I can idealizing a series of chemical and emotional reactions to life and others... Well whatever gets you through the day I say.

But this again, is where a major opposition in my thoughts comes from. To believe in spirits and ghost, would mean that there is a spiritual being that can be separated from the flesh.

How many people can say that they have never walked somewhere and either stopped or got scared for some reason, something just didn't feel right?

How many people can say that when they decided they were going to put there best foot forward and have a positive day that it did not effect someone else they came in contact with that day?

I guess I do we believe that we put off positive and negative energies, that others can sense them, I do also believe they are capable of lingering.

I guess I will always be conflicted, unless in someway or another I come in direct contact with a spirit, it probably won't be settles until I die.

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