Monday, August 15, 2005

Well... Had Hubby home for few days :)

Sorry about Gap in posts, had my husband home with me for a few days, and let's just say I did not spend much time at my computer.

Well it was really good, to see Peet, spent some fun time at the a spring riding tubes down stream, we played chess, cruised the mall, strange I know, but we are both people watchers, so it works.

Having him come home really helped me see that I have made some positive changes in myself. I tend to be a inner stress case. He tends to see it more than anyone else in the world, he just knows me so well. Others would never know, what anxiety used to exist within the confines of my skull, but I have been working on slowing my brain down some. Living a little more in the here and now instead of where I should have been and where I am going. Enjoying a little more and worrying a hole lot less.

I am a smart woman, there is not much that gets buy me nor many opportunities I have not taken, what am I so worried about?? It's was like I was afraid that opportunity wouldn't knock but just try to sneak by.

I have been relatively lucky in my life, sure lots of crazy bad stuff has happened to me, keep coming back to catch up on details. They slowly work their way out. I have had my generous share of heartaches and mishaps, believe me, more than you might think could happen to one person at 28, but I think I have come out ahead, that I have managed to cheat the system you might say.

The rewards have not been discovered in close proximity to the tragedies, but looking back I believe I am all the better for going through them. My grandmother said to be a few years ago, that I was wise beyond my years. I take that in such high esteem now, I feel lucky to be only 28 and had to tackle some much already in my life.

I am so well prepared for anything, that why worry I have done so much already and barely ever stumbled . Life has flipped, tossed, turned and rolled me ever which way and I still come out standing. So hey I am taking it as an omen you might say. That I am meant to be here, to do great things, that no little thing is going to get me down and hell Life goes on, so why not enjoy it.

You ever feel in the mood for swapping sob stories, or lives calamities, let me know I love to here what you have survived and I am always willing to share my tales. I have been told time and time again to chapter them out and publish my life story, it gets pretty good, might have to do that some day.

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Brian Miller said...

Yay, its good to see your first real blog post. You have a way with words, that I severely lack, keep on writing. I would share my sob stories with you, but I think I'm out of material. Thanks for listening to them, you're a great friend. I know you will be able to get trough all of the stress and the BS in your life, because you're a survior. You don't feel sorry for yourself when you fall, you just dust yourself off and keep on moving. It obvious when talking to you about this stuff you've been through already. Hang in there.