Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Strange as it may seem, but...

After watching a truly enlightening Televised lecture the other night, I find myself pondering. I am one who ponders, just to make that clear.

The current quandary? The lecture's subject was Social Capitol. A subject I can take to heart. I believe in doing things for the good of others, not to get something in return just to create comradery. I truly care about the spirit housed within the shells of skin and bones we all cruise with each and everyday. I believe there is part of each and every person that longs to make human connections.

The lecture followed a track revolving around the decline in human connection and the outcomes of this decline. Some of it was cliche, yes, but what can you expect. It is touchy feely subject matter.

The truly enlightening parts was that this lectured was being given for city officials and business owners in Orlando, at their request to help add that missing element of community and team spirit to Central Florida Resident and businesses.

How great is that that they invited and paid someone to help open their eyes, give suggestions, share with the public, that they do care, they don't know what to do about it, they are open to suggestion and have a plan to make changes. Talk about pro-active, BRAVO!!!

The speaker was Robert Putnam, Author of pretty infamous book Bowling Alone. The major concept is revolved around basic figure that in the sixties the number of bowlers increased, but membership in bowling leagues declined.

This trend has been true of many things, we are doing more alone. Academic Clubs, Civic Groups and churches declining memberships are all examples of the facts that more is being done alone.

Not to drive this lecture into your cerebral subconscious or anything, but the basic premise that there are so many people out there and so much of our time is spent in solitude. Why?

I saw lecture on Monday, was intrigued, but last night it really sorta hit home for me. I was sitting down after putting my kids to bed, for one of my usual evenings of IM'ing some friends on the puter and awaiting telephone call from Hubby.

I spend so little time talking face to face with anyone, other than my children. I miss just hanging out with group of people and exchanging days activities, opinions, whatever. This realization hit me pretty hard and just couldn't do it. I was so longing to have conversation that did not involve a device of some sort. It kinda depressed my how disconnected we are.

How many people do you know or converse with in someway on the internet, but have never heard their voice or seen their face in person???

I am one who truly enjoys face to face conversation, to see impact of words upon delivery. I always have. I used to compete in Speech contest with controversial subject matter, just to see the faces in the audience. Well I did it to win too, but that's another subject.

IM'ing can lose so much of the emotion of a conversation, ever not really know what someone was saying because you can't hear tone or see expression?

Now, I am so grateful for the modern technology that allows me to converse freely with other all of the world, and continue to share time with my husband even though we don't reside in same state, but are we replacing all close encounters for disconnected ones.

There is just something to be said for captive audience. I have proven this fact over and over. People forced to share space for duration of time will find something to talk about, subjects will change so dramatically but conversation will flow when given the chance provided by situation.

Much more understandable by example;

Every time I am going to be in a car for any amount of time over like 30 minutes with a group of people, I love to bring camcorder. To record a conversation for road trip is a blast. Last example I have group of friends all go to LA for E3 this May. We decide to take a trip to Santa Monica for Dinner. The conversation subjects were wild, it was only about 45-50 minute ride, but we were all over the places with subjects, Kelly Clarkson, Religion, Tatty's, you name it. To try to figure out how we had gone from one to the other would have been a trip, but recorded we had reference, is way to funny to watch, I will have to edit for time and post someday.

My point, yes there might be one in here, I told you these would be rambles. My point is that the world is relying so heavily on IT communication nowadays that we have devalued the human bond. There is a point to creating bonds, other than networking to progress your career. To feed that spot in your soul that yearns to connect with another human soul, that feeling of trust and friendship, love and loyalty, even anger and sadness. I truly don't think these can be felt as strong as they can be when faced with another human. Another persons feelings and opinions on the line.

So I want to encourage you all to find a way to spend some face time with someone, make an excuse. Go out to lunch with someone at work, instead of eating at your desk. Talk to the person behind you at the supermarket checkout lane, instead of just facing forward waiting your turn to pay. Make a conscience decision to connect, email me let me know how it goes, would love to here about it.

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