Friday, September 23, 2005

Is anyone out there?

Ever had a day when you just felt alone in the world? Like nobody understands, or is even close to being on the same wavelength you are on.

I live in a connected relationship with many, either by phone, IM, email or postal mail. Even my husband is a long distance relationship right now.

Sometimes I wonder what else people are doing while I am talking to them? What percentage of their attention do I really have? Did what I say get lost in translation. I am so much of a body language interpreter, it is difficult for me to feel the quality of my conversations is even close to what they would be if they were face to face.

But some communication is better than none. For I truly appreciate that I can at least talk to my husband on the phone, to the letters only it will become when he goes overseas. There will be occasional calls, but the contact comes down to the written word versus the spoken in the long run.

I miss facial expressions......

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