Monday, October 17, 2005

Sorry so late, but to the point Dreams and games

I have since bringing children into the world been punished as a lite sleeper. With infant children, I was able to hear even the slightest change in breathing pattern, thus being able to soothe them before they completely awakened. While at one time this was in fact somewhat useful, it in the past year has turned as it sometimes goes into a curse. I had not gotten any quality sleep for quite sometime, and with the absensce of my beloved, it got even worse. I would sit awake lying in bed at 2 am hoping, praying for sleep, with 3 little girls the mornings come on strong, for about 13 months I had not consistantly gotten more than 4-5 hours sleep every night.

It wasn't until my doctor asked me how I was sleeping after my husband left, that I even truly realized it, but even more so after she prescribed me a sleeping iad, and I had my first dream in so long. I truly realized how the quality of my sleep had dimished with the absence of dreams. I have again been blessed with the wonderful adventures of the subconscience. I feel as if I have been away so long.

Speaking of adventures, my husband has got me on a goose case. The mastermind known as Peet Cooper, has divised for my entertainment a game, a series of puzzles, clues and symbols. Their relevance to each other and the end result I do not yet know, but I look at it all with such wonder and intrigue. He has used the postal system, email and telecommunications to provide the information to which I now possess as my only links to the mystery. My ability to solve, link and truly think outside the box is being put to the test.

Just the fact that given his current situation, he not only took the time to come up with this cleverly elloborate scheme, but to hand draw, contact others and play out this game in sequence is one of the biggest testaments to the love he shares for me.

Vas, if you read this I want to you to know the conversation we shared in LA about learning to accept love the way the bearer intends and the way they are capable of, really changed my perspective and probably has made me a better wife, and my marriage even stronger. You helped me to realize that when things like this are done for me by the man that I love, he is telling me he loves me too and that just because they way he exresses it is not a Hallmark card, who he is and what he does, this is the best gesture of his affection in the world and I couldn't ask for better.

Peet. you know you are driving me crazy, but that I am loving it every step of the way, even if I should never reveal the answer to the game you have created, the art, the logic and the time you put into this will never be forgotten. I love you. You know my endless curiousity will win out, one way or another I will get out out of you what this all means.

Again, sorry about the gap, I am the worst with keeping a journal, I will be sure to share the results of my adventures and show the images and clues I got so you can try too.

Now off, to my mazes, word finds, anagrams and road signs. Remember what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger, RIGHT?

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