Sunday, June 18, 2017

Through my Father's eyes.

My Dad, Earl Jenkins was a good man. He passed away over 17 years ago. We weren't close but with age, I have understood our relationship better. He chose his moments and his gestured counted. The 1 day I absolutely needed him to show up for me, he did.
Never when I ran out of my house for the 2nd time at 17, did I think my Dad would take off on foot after me.That gesture defined my relationship with me the very best. Push come to shove, he would do whatever he could for me.
He wanted the best for me and challenged my wit and intellect. He was an amazing debate partner and taught me to hold my own and fight for my perspective.
My daughter Kayla, was the 1 of his grandchildren he met and she was 1 when he passed. I wish I had more time with him, I wish I had gotten to be an adult in his eyes and gotten to learn everything he had to offer.
I wish I was able to see when he was alive that it is not always our choices that dictate our actions, families are complicated.
Above all, I hope he is proud of me and the woman I have become. I often hear this song in my head and think about what my Dad would say to me if he was here to answer my questions and hear my stories

I hope if he looks down on me it is swollen with pride and that he takes some joy in the fact that he is part of my story. I can say without a doubt, I am proud to be his daughter and am grateful for all he was able to share with me. Thank you, David Earl Jenkins for allowing the broken little girl I was when you adopted me into your life

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Beth Snell said...

I knew your dad quite well. I knew him to be a man of few words, but he was always honest. He loved his kids a lot and he spoke with pride every time he discussed the two of you. I remember the day I found he had passed, it was truly a very sad day. I love seeing what you and Pete have done with your family, thanks for sharing this memory. Beth