Friday, June 16, 2017

My voice

I recently got the opportunity to test the saying, “You don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone.” I have been dancing around a phase I am about to enter for awhile. My fears have held me back, from owning my story, from sharing my journeys and celebrating my victories.
When recently my main social media account, Facebook became inaccessible. When days went by, then weeks without being able to gain re-entry I feared that I had missed the chance. I started to grief that opportunity had been knocking, and I had let anxiety prevent me from opening the door.

As part of a class I took, I was challenged to write a personal manifesto; I’m sharing to here to create a point of reference. I am taking this opportunity to ask you the reader to hold me accountable for staying the course.

I have stated my intentions, and I intend to follow them. The clarity of thought around the idea that I want to fear regret more than failure.
I see my authenticity as a mean to tie me to so many. I have had such a colorful adventure through life that it still astonishes me sometimes. I think my sharing can help others who share some of my struggles feel less alone. I have lived very ashamedly and let it lock me out of connections.
I want to encourage wholehearted living, so I need to start living by example. How can I ask you to be vulnerable and happy with yourself and not identify my battles on this front? By taking a step into the vulnerability spotlight, I am extending an invitation to join me.
I am choosing to let my integrity guide me.
As defined by Brene Brown, “Integrity is choosing Courage over Comfort; choosing what’s Right over what Fun, Fast or Easy; and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them.”

I am going to be sharing more with everyone, more blogs, streaming and video blogs will be a part of this effort to expose both myself and Gamers for Good and to deepen and broaden our efforts. I will live the more generous and courageous version of my life.

I’m off to submit my talk for PAX West, here’s to step 1!

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