Thursday, January 02, 2014

New Years

I feel too young to say that I have had a ritual for  New Year's Eve that has remained unbroken for 20 years. Peet and I both have. It make look slightly different some years, but the end result has always been the same. Peet and I always spend the strike of midnight together. Whether we are shoulder to shoulder prepping for the midnight kiss or separated by oceans and thousands of miles, we have ALWAYS been together in some capacity when the clock strikes 12.

It might not sounds significant until you realize what this has actually looked like for us at times. There have been more than a few years where it took heroic efforts to be sure this remained true.

During both Peet's deployments overseas, he has managed to wrangle himself into being in in the right place in line for the phone to be sure he is talking with me as midnight struck in my timezone,which for each deployment was different  :) The last one when 2005 changed to 2006,that night it required some bartering and squad assisance to keep our tradition.

One year, it was me who was away from Peet at home. Running a New Year's Eve event across the state. I was frantically running to get far enough from the music and noise of the crowd so I could share that moment with him.

No argument, no communications difficulty, literally nothing has prevented Peet and I since our first New Year's Eve in high school from ensuring that the New Years tradition of being together as midnight strikes brings luck to your relationship in the next year.

One year, the phone conversation we had at midnight was the first we had talked in almost a week, and it brought us back together.

So what you say, who cares?

The fact that no matter what our circumstances have been, we have been willing to make this happen each year,is a great reminder to us both. It reminds us that anything we want, that we truly desires we can achieve if we work for it. That the things we desires are worth making the effort for. We also get to see that sometimes things are easy and sometimes they are difficult, but they are still achievable.

Getting to start the New Year with not only the love of my life but also the strength and renewal this tradition holds is priceless. So to each of you and yours, I send New Year's wishes that you will realize what you want is only out of reach, if you aren't willing to work to get to it. Let 2014 be the year we all allow our dreams and efforts to achieve them result in the best year of our lives :)

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