Thursday, January 09, 2014

And I am?

OK, so in this effort to get to know the real me I am starting a list. This list will contain things I have not ever been really open about. I have made small efforts at things, but never really give in public before.

Some of these are really embarrassing to me, but who the heck cares. Tease me, I am grown enough to not really care.

I am ready to come out and see what is the sum of those things. What can I do to make my life one  I love living. I am so grateful for the life I have. I just want to find a way to be a happy, healthy contributing part of my community. Any advice or ideas to share with me, use comments. A lot of you have experience sections of my life. anyone who has been around awhile knows a lot about me.

  1. I give more value to the opinions of others than one should allow. I rate your opinions higher my own.
  2. I LOVE to research!
  3. I am a Twihard.
  4. I LOVE music.
  5. I love checklists.
  6. I enjoy art of public speaking in both performing and viewing roles.
  7. I LOVE video games. I love their merchandise, their fans, their events.
  8. I love to travel
  9. I like conventions and trade shows, lots if them. Cars, Comics, Steampunk, health, parenting, women's, music, pop culture. Luv them all.
  10. I like costuming
  11. I made up my own words for cursing when my kids were little. God Bless America, frabber nabbers, fudge biscuits. 
  12. I have a hard time listening to music without singing along.
  13. I LOVE to write.
  14. I BELIEVE in service to others. 
  15. I enjoy entertainment/celebrity gossip.
  16. I am very detail oriented, I see more than others
  17. I am very empathetic, I am very effected by others feelings.
  18. I am very competitive
  19. I HATE traffic. Stop and Go kills me.
  20. I LOVE to drive.
  21. I like to support the underdog.
  22. I am UBER connected. Unplugged sounds so strange to me.
  23. I made a website about myself, to try and get hired at Riot Games.
  24. I have started the long term topic blog process once each year for a few years.
  25. I have a very ADDICTIVE prone personality. I can get very addicted very EASILY. 
  26. I am overthinker
  27. I LOVE working with small children.
  28. I enjoy working with Teens in need.
  29. I HATE hospitals. 
  30. I am intrinsically curious.
  31. I am extremely brave.

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