Saturday, January 07, 2006

Sunset/ Sunrise Junkie

I just couldn't resist sharing one of my weak spots. I am a sucker for a great sunset or sunrise.These pics are 2 recent sunsets I have captured. I am in utter amazement how something that happens everyday can be so beautiful and so neglected.
How do people not stop and look when the sun puts on a show like this, it creates a variation of colors and textures as it welcomes each day and before it says goodnight.

Call me a romantic but I don't think there is any better setting than a fantastic horizon that captures a beautiful sunset or sunrise. I think that skylines can be so accentuated by the shadows of building, bushes, telephone poles before a bright beautiful display of the sun.

I am so thankful that I get so much joy from something so simple and something free, and it has the potential to happen twice a day. Nothing gets better than that.

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