Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Huge fistbump goes out to Riot Games!

Something amazing is happening here in Santa Monica and, holy cow, we are apart of it.
Being on the older side of the general population of game developers and families here at Riot Games means we know what game development looks like, honeymoon period is long gone this isn't our first rodeo,things are a little bit different here and we are ALL in!

Like actually, we're in!

Riot Games and it's People program are an amazing collection of treasures I as a game developer's spouse have ever seen. Not since my days as an ARMY spouse have I seen a support system that is actively been grown and strengthened. Not only is Riot creating a very special experience for our significant others in the company culture, but they have an experience for us as families too. Kids activities, Holiday celebrations, incentive opportunities, and excursions we are apart of the picture, and not like they LET us come, like they are encourage us to dig it and participate in the planning and running of family activities. They have created a portal for us to meet online and encouraged turning that online social kindling into real world friendships with local activities and meetups.

I have been apart of some very different organizations as part of my marriage to Peet Cooper, Lead Artist at Riot Games. From the small studio environment to large corporate ones each has it's pluses and minuses, you decide what matters most to you, right? Riot Games is doing it's own thing in every way and  the results of those efforts is that Riot Games as an organization is AWESOME! They don't make you choose your career over your family, they are creating a different ways to make sure item #5 on the Riot Manifesto stays true.

Riot Games is still young as a company, so things are still fluid nothing so set in stone that when needed things can be adjusted. The pace is fast and very exciting and the product makes it easy to be proud of being apart of the Riot Games community.

The front page of the company website sums it up best:

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