Friday, February 08, 2013

My juicefast Jan-to-Feb 013

Wow, I feel so different than the way I started. I have allowed myself to grow in whatever way I felt drawn, whatever felt needed. I have sought physical, mental and emotional fitness. I started see what was the root issue to things. I am not a sum of my circumstances, I am who I choose to be, so if I want to change what I see, I will have to choose to.

I have moved past so very old emotional scars, and I have allowed people old and new into my life. I have seen who I really am and was it possible and I WANT that! I am going ot do some recaps of what I captured on Facebook and add the stuff I didn't post. The other side of the Facebook page.

I am also going to be more active in my challenges. I am going to try to do things every day for 3 weeks. They say it takes 21 days to form a pattern, Let's see.

In between challenges, I will take one week off then start the next one. I have never been afraid to try something and I am much faster off the line than crossing it. So I have until the night of Valentine's Day to figure out my next challenge. I am hoping that by continuing the blog and adding my reflection on the last challenge, it will help guide me to the next one in need a the time.

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